Jean Guzman


Professor and Structural Engineer


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Built Environment Queer Project

"To have a lot of patience and remember to have fun with it! You can appreciate everything we do even more if you remind yourself about the big picture, it’s just cool!"

Q&A with Participant:

  1. Describe your current position.
  2. Currently I teach mechanics of materials, seismic design, reinforced concrete design, and structural dynamics for undergraduate civil engineering programs at two local universities. I also work independently in structural engineering design in residential, industrial, and hotel projects in the region.

  3. What is your educational background?
  4. My graduate studies emphasized earthquake and structural engineering. I received my Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering degree at University of Nevada Reno in 2016, my Master of Science in Civil Engineering at University of Nevada Reno in 2013, and my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Utah State University in 2011.

  5. What do you love about your career?
  6. Passing knowledge to future generations is one of the things I love the most. Also, making decisions that effectively turn projects from a concept on paper into reality, and all the challenges that all those decisions bring at every step. Most importantly, I love that I can have a positive impact in people’s day to day lives from the decisions I make.

  7. Do you incorporate your queer identity in your career? How?
  8. As much as I feel comfortable with. I try to make it as clear as the situation allows, as there is still a lot of discrimination in the workplace, and in general, in my country.

  9. Have you ever had a negative experience in a professional environment that was related to your queer identity? How did you deal with it?
  10. Yes I have, particularly with constant discriminatory comments and remarks. I have brought it up to my direct superior in the past, but it doesn’t always have the best reception.

  11. What role has mentorship played in your career? Do you have a queer mentor?
  12. It has changed everything for me. I wouldn’t have even known I had a passion for earthquake engineering if it wasn’t for my mentors, in particular my graduate studies advisor. I do not have a queer mentor, unfortunately!

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